What Jesus is not able to do

-Dan Behrens

The underlined verse from Mark 6 below should confound us. It does me. How is the One who is able to open blind eyes, open deaf ears, and raise the dead, suddenly not able to work a miracle? As we’ve seen in preceding chapters, this is not an issue of miraculous power or divine ability, but rather an issue of willingness in accordance with obedience. We see here example of Jesus’ willingness to deny himself, or rather “entrust himself” to the larger story of God among men. Jesus is all too willing to take on (or confront) the ill, the ignorant, even the demonic. But Jesus is unwilling to confront the powerful will of man without our cooperation. Jesus will not force the will. He will love; He will forgive; He will even heal; but He will not force our will. I believe this very dilemma taps into temptation for Jesus. It is the temptation of the wilderness with Satan. “I will not turn stones into bread to feed my flesh” says Jesus. “I will not turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh in order to short-circuit the necessity of the cross” says Jesus. “I will not wave my hand with an Obi-Wan Kenobi mind trick and take full surrender off the table” says Jesus. “I have come to call you into myself and thus into the uncreated God who sent me. I will literally move heaven and earth to clear a path, but the YES up to you!”


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